Marla Mallett: Textiles and Tribal Oriental Rugs

We specialize in antique flat woven tribal Oriental rugs, kilims, and bags but also handle tapestries, embroideries and other ethnic textiles.

About 300 rugs and textiles are shown in the groups below. Click on a title to open the section. Then explore other parts of the site by scrolling down to links later on this page. More than 5000 photos illustrate a variety of textile art topics.

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Antique Tribal Kilims and Bags
Ethnographic flat woven Oriental kilim rugs  (kelims), tent bags, saddlebags and horse covers -- primarily from Turkey, the Caucasus and Persia.  

Ottoman Turkish Textiles
Opulent metallic or silk embroideries, brocaded panels, and intricately ornamented costumes from the Ottoman Empire.

Japanese Kimono
Japanese Obi
Luxurious vintage hand painted, yuzen-dyed, embroidered, brocaded, shibori or kasuri Japanese garments -- kimono and haori.  Brocaded maru and fukuro obi.   

Japanese Textiles
Embroidered, brocaded, tapestry-woven  and rice-paste-resist textiles. 

Chinese  Textiles
Intricate Han embroideries, brocades,
tapestries and costume items.

Chinese Minority Textiles
Embroidered and batik textiles from the Miao, Dong, Gejia, Zhuang, Yao, and Yi peoples in  southwest China.

African Textiles
Kuba raffia cloth embroideries, beaded costume pieces, raffia hats, and other ethnographic objects.

Tribal Textiles of Southeast Asia
Old brocades, ikat weavings and embroideries from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Burma.

Laotian Brocades
Contemporary silk weavings from northern Laos made with traditional motifs and materials.

Afghan, Pakistan & Uzbek Textiles
Pashtun, Baluch, Hazzara and Turkmen embroideries and costume items.

Folk Art Tapestries
Contemporary Egyptian village weavings by superb Harranian artists. Both sophisticated wall hangings and tapestry art with naive imagery. 

Coptic Textile Fragments

Ancient Egyptian tapestry-woven textiles.

Small Bags & Purses
Assorted examples from various cultures.

Miscellaneous Textiles
Assorted weavings and embroideries, including European textiles.

Contemporary Fiber Art
Weavings by Marla Mallett.
What's New on the Site?

SALE PRICES!!   For some time I have been marking down prices on a majority of items throughout the site.  NOT just on SALE pages, as previously, but in nearly every section.  As I am very close to retiring from the business, I've now listed many pieces at or below my cost.
NOTE:  Please contact me to see if the pieces that interest you are currently available.  Because Microsoft has discontinued supporting  Front Page--the software I used to construct this website--I am unable to update the site and  remove pieces that have been sold.                       
Now a 2nd, Revised Edition of Marla's Book

Want to understand the tribal weaves?  This definitive guidebook explains the techniques used by nomads and villagers in Asia and North Africa.  It explains -- from a weaver's perspective -- why each structure produces distinctive patterning, then shows how to identify variations. Click on the link above to read what others think about the book, and for information on ordering a copy.

490 detailed photographs and drawings.  For collectors, scholars, curators, conservators, weavers and dealers.  Winner of the prestigious Quatrefoil Award

Woven Structures Update
Read about recent technical research findings. See what discoveries other collectors are making as they examine their treasured rugs more closely.

The Basic Tribal Weaves
Slit tapestry, soumak, brocading, knotted pile and other basic weaving techniques are introduced.

Reinventing the Loom:
A Simple Frame for Experiments

How to build a simple loom and try out the basic techniques used by tribal weavers. 
Criteria For Selecting Tribal Textiles
What qualities make a tribal rug or textile a "collector's piece"?  When is restoration appropriate?  What should beginning collectors avoid?  Marla discusses her criteria.
Mounting and Hanging Textile Art
Several ways of hanging rugs, kilims, tapestries and other weavings are described.  Simple methods of mounting small textile objects, delicate fabrics or fragments are also explained. 

A Few Articles
Marla discusses rug design origins, terminology squabbles, and a probable rug-world hoax.    
A personal collection of antique needle lace, bobbin lace and other handmade laces, with notes on their construction.    
Links to Other Sites
A wide range of internet resources for textile enthusiasts.
Frequently Asked Questions
The questions that we get every day--on a variety of subjects. 


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