Tribal Jajims and Covers 

      From the collection of Marla Mallett
Both Turkic and Kurdish tribal weavers have made dramatic horse covers, warp-patterned jajims and other all-purpose covers.  Some are intricately patterned, others bold and primitive, still others austere and elegant. As nomads have settled, the exacting techniques used for many of these ethnographic textiles gradually have been forgotten.  Structurally-generated designing in the warp-faced weaves, however, has exerted an immense influence on knotted-pile weaving. 

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For more information Read About Jajims, for additional notes on the techniques, check out The Basic Tribal Weaves. For kilims and bags go to Tribal Textiles, for other textiles, HOME. You may wish to take a look at More Early Kilims for a discussion of restoration and conservation issues, or read Criteria For Selecting Tribal Textiles.



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