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When we try to determine where village or nomad rugs and bags were made, small details can be informative. Although weavers may use a variety of materials and may change the scale of their weaves to suit their objects, they tend to use the same end finishes, selvage constructions, and other distinctive techniques consistently--on both flatwoven and knotted-pile objects. 

On these pages I discuss several warp-end finishes and illustrate variations on each. The goal was to accumulate a small data base showing the range of rugs or weavings with each basic structure. Decorative flat-weave borders that embellish the ends of some pile rugs and bags are not truly end finishes, but because they have been frequently misunderstood, they are included. Daniel Deschuyteneer worked with me on this project; indeed, it was his interest that prompted it. 

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Heading Cords

Warp Loops

Bands of Oblique Interlacing

Bands of Two-Pick Oblique

Looped Wrapping

Bands of Oblique Wrapping


Half-Hitch Bands

Knotted Meshwork

Weft-Substitution Borders

Brocaded Borders

Complementary-Weft Borders

Assorted Twill Patterns

Some of the structures shown on these pages are much easier to understand if you try them out. Near the bottom of the Updates - 5 page I have shown a way to set up a sampler for experiments. 

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