SALE Page:  Fragments, Odds & Ends
This is a cleaning-out-the-studio sale: assorted pieces that have lived in my storage crates for too long.  Use them in your own creative ways--restore, transform, or use as your imagination suggests. 



    Embroidered Shawl
China. 1930s or 1940s
42"x 42" plus 16"fringe
Silk embroidery on silk.....$145

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Ottoman Embroidery
Turkey.  Mid 19th century
45"x 50"
Gold embroidery on silk satin.
This is a good project for someone who willing to do some simple conservation work.....$265

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Embroidered Chasuble
Ljubljani, Slovenia
26"x 44"
Silk faille with silk and gold metallic embroidery.....$185

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China.  Late 19th century
15"x 13"
Silk satin-stitch embroidery on silk satin....$45.

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Suzani Pillow Cover

Uzbekistan.  Contemporary
18"x 18"
Silk chain-stitch embroidery on cotton.

E-9612   Larger photo

Cross-Stitch Embroidery
Balkans.  19th century
12"x 31"
Silk embroidery on cotton.

$135   HOLD

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Embroidered Sleeve Band
China. 19th century
4"x 19"
Silk satin stitch and seed stitch on silk satin.  Good condition....$75

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