How to Order Lace from Marla Mallett Textiles

If you are interested in purchasing lace currently on this website, please send an e-mail to Marla, telling her which pieces you would like to reserve, and giving her your address and phone number:       


After Marla has confirmed that the pieces are available, and has quoted a postage charge, you may send a personal check to the address below. (We do not handle credit cards.) The postage charges are minimal, and range from about $1 to $3.50 for lace purchases made within the US. When we have received your check, we will mail the lace you have selected. If for any reason you are not pleased, the lace may be returned, and we will refund your money, minus the cost of mailing.

If lace is to be sent outside the US, we will notify you of the applicable postage charges. For an overseas order, we need either a check written in US dollars drawn on a US bank or an international postal money order. 

Most of the pieces on these pages are offered in unwashed condition, since collectors have differing ideas on how laces should or should not be cleaned. While some individuals want their pieces "snowy white," others do not, and never bleach antique pieces. Thus that decision is left to you.   

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