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On this page I've posted a variety of small lace pieces, study samples, and other pieces for which there was no space on the main pages. Included are bobbin lace, needlepoint lace, filet, and several other structures.  All have been sold, and have been left posted for informational purposes. 

Point de Gaze Border

Delicate Belgian needle lace, with floral and leaf motif.  Late 19th century. 2" x 35".  

Bobbin Lace Square

Unusual braided lace design. At a glance, one might assume this to be needlepoint.  The design is based on braids with picots along with leaves. Effective designing with minimal means. 5½"x 5½".   

Bobbin Lace Square

Honiton-type guipere lace, with flowers in half stitch and leaves in cloth-stitch and half stitch. Brides picotée.  5½" x 5½".  

Armenian Lace Rondel

Delicate knotted netting, with unusual spiral configuration in both the inner border and outer small circles.  5 inches across.  

Beds Maltese Tie

Bedfordshire version of Cluny lace, with leaves, spiders and braided edge.  2½" x 43."  

Tape Lace

These decorative pieces were made with very delicate pre-woven tapes. Each piece is 5" x 5".

Duchesse Border

Delicate, translucent flower sprig and scroll motifs were made first with bobbins, then everything was assembled with brides picotées. Belgium, late 19th century.  3 3/4" x 24".  

Needlepoint Rondel

A sturdy needle-lace medallion with fruit and leaf motif. Braided brides, and nice details. 6½" across.  

Brussels Lace Plastron

This is Duchesse bobbin lace, with an insert of Point de Gaze needle lace (Rose Point). The entire piece has been sewed onto a piece of net. There is a hole in the point de gaze mesh in the upper right.  6" x 14."  

Torchon Rondels

A pair of rondels, each 5 1/4" across. A combination of half stitch, braiding and leaves. 

Filet Lace Band

This band is bordered on both ends and along one side.  4" x 30 3/4".  


A gently curving row of circular tatted motifs.  2½" x 11".   

Princess Applique Oval

Assorted pre-woven tapes were assembled and attached or appliquéd to machine net to make this oval doily. 5 3/4" x 9".  

Bobbin Lace Collar

Delicate bobbin lace collar in good condition. 
2" deep, by 14" across.  

Cluny Rondel

Small medallion with densely worked bobbin-lace braids, cloth-stitch trails and leaves. The center leaves are raised.  5" across.  

Point de Venise Medallion

Unusual star flower medallion of needlepoint lace. Contrasting closed and open areas, with interesting pattern of brides picotées.  6" across.

Crocheted Collar

The unique design of this collar requires that it be stitched to a fabric if it is to be worn, as the individual parts otherwise flop around. It is an effective use of tiered, 3-dimensional flower forms, openwork and veined leaves. 3½" x 17½."  

Tatted Rondel

Well-crafted border of tatting on a small circular cloth. Very small stain in center. 8" across. 

Bobbin Lace Medallion

Honiton-type bobbin lace medallion with interesting leaf motifs and nicely formed flowers. 7" across.  

Duchesse Border

19th century Belgian bobbin lace made in separate parts and then assembled. Flowers, veined leaves and scroll-work. 3½" x 13".  

Reticella Needlepoint Insertion

Bold triangular needle lace insertion. Sturdy and well-crafted.  4½" x 9½".  

Tatted Edging

Extremely delicate tatting edges this curious yellow sheer fabric object.  9½" x 4½".  

Nanduti Lace Oval

The contrasting yellow and black threads create effective shading in the petals edging this Paraguayan lace. Each of the six large circles is filled with a different needle-woven pattern. Modern.  10" x 6". 

Point de Gaze Collar

This minute Belgian needle-lace collar is in bad condition, with many breaks in the gauze mesh, but it is a fascinating study piece. The combination of flowers and lattice-work is unique. 19th century.  2" at the widest point; 11½" long. 

Crocheted Cuffs

These intriguing crocheted cuffs are likewise in poor condition, with many of the brides broken. In design, they appear to represent an early attempt to imitate needle-lace patterning, but the curious shapes assume a life of their own.  3½" x 8½".

Battenberg Hanky

Tape lace assembled with thread bars and stitching. 12½" x 12½."   

Embroidered Whitework Cuffs

A pair of small embroidered cuffs. One of the pair has tiny separations in the fabric. Each is 2 1/4" x 6". 

Beds Maltese Collar

Bobbin lace with the usual whole-stitch trails and braiding of Bedfordshire Maltese type lace.  14" across x 6½" deep at center.  

Tatted Collar

The work in this collar was enhanced by the incorporation of a cord that undulated in thickness--called "Coronation Cord," Patty Dowden tells me. This English wrapped cord nicely complements the tiny circular tatted motifs.  

Reticella Oval

Small needle lace oval of the reticella type. 3½" x 6".  

Tatted Purse

This small tatted purse combines an undulating cord with tiny tatted circles. Front and back of this gray and pale gray-blue purse are the same. The piece is quite fragile.  7½" x 8."  

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