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TurkoTek   This rug discussion board focuses on a variety of topics that interest rug and textile collectors. The site is managed by hosts Steve Price and Filiberto Boncompagni.  Discussions have focused on aesthetic and ethnographic issues, design interpretation and evolution, rug identification,  dye problems, favorite rug books, and problems encountered by collectors. The liveliest section is a "Virtual Show-and-Tell" page where collectors are encouraged to post photos of their rugs for discussion. The emphasis is antique Asian village and tribal ethnographic rugs. 
Steve Price

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online   This extensive academic discussion network is divided into specialized areas, with e-mail lists of possible interest to textile enthusiasts that are devoted to the History of Islamic Art and Architecture (H-Islamart), Asian History and Studies (H-Asia), Turkish Studies (H-Turk), or Islamic Lands of the Medieval Period (H-Mideast-Medieval). Exchanges between scholars are presented in archived discussion logs. 

Sites for Textile Art Enthusiasts

ACOR - American Conference on Oriental Rugs  Listings of rug and textile societies throughout the US and Canada appear on this site, along with contact information. The ACOR committee organizes popular conferences every few years, with the most recent bash in Boston in 2006. A date for the next event has not been announced.  
ICOC - International Conference on Oriental Carpets  This organization has sponsored large rug conferences in Munich, London, Washington, Vienna, San Francisco, Hamburg, Philadelphia, Milan,  Istanbul and Stockholm--spectacular events featuring top-flight exhibitions, lectures and dealers' fairs. The conferences are held about every three years, with the next upcoming event scheduled for Washington, DC in June of 2018.  
R. John Howe: Textiles & Text   John posts lots of photos shown at rug and textile programs, along with a commentary.  Many are from Textile Museum events. 
On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics   An immense store of material on weaving, basketry, lace and related topics.
The Richard E. Wright  RESEARCH REPORTS   A compilation of notes concerning the nature and origins of textiles.  
American Tapestry Alliance   This organization was formed to support contemporary  tapestry artists. The website presents information on upcoming exhibitions and displays the work of a few individual weavers. 
Weaving: Arts and Lore   Wonderfully annotated list of links to textile mythology. Common themes: cosmic webs, spinning, spindles, embroidery, quilts and  clothing--from East and West. Compiled by Kathleen Jenks.
The Costumer's Manifesto   Tara Maginnis has compiled a wealth of information on costume history and ethnic costumes, along with endless links to related costume sites.  Fascinating!   Michael Cook's fascinating site that describes the process of raising silk worms. A zillion photos! 
The George Washington Museum and Textile Museum   Washington, D.C.  The website includes information on current exhibitions, upcoming educational events and offerings of the museum shop.
Textile Society of America   An organization for textile specialists, including museum professionals. The site offers information on biennial symposia, workshops, publications and membership.
The Textile Museum of Canada   Toronto.  Information on all aspects of this specialized museum's activities.
Textile Links   Rosemary Brock has compiled lists of links to textile sites of all descriptions.  For fiber artists, students and collectors. 
Late 17th Century Clothing History   Nicole Cargill-Kipar's site devoted to European Baroque costumes as shown in a gallery of 17th century paintings and engravings. A survey of 17th century needlepoint and bobbin lace is included, along with a few examples of embroidery.

The Costume Page: Ethnic and Folk Costume   Links to costume resources from cultures around the world.

Textile Arts   A comprehensive directory of links to textile art sites and resources. Exhibition news, technical information, publications and textile connections of all kinds.

Arachne   Liz Stokes' website devoted to lace making, with links to guilds, suppliers and lace information on the web. A lace makers' mailing list as well.    

International Organization of Lace  This organization's website includes links to sites of interest to lace collectors, students of antique lace, and lace makers. 
Sharon B's Stitch Dictionary: Pin Tangle   Sharon Boggon's illustrated list of embroidery stitches serves both for identification and as how-to-do-it instructions.
The Hajji Baba Club   A calendar of events, as well as photos of club gatherings and objects from the member's collection are among the features on this site sponsored by the New York Oriental rug club.
The New England Rug Society   The on-line presence of the very active rug society in the Greater Boston area.  On-line exhibitions have been of superb quality. 
The Seattle Textile and Rug Society  The on-line presence of the rug club in Seattle, with news of upcoming events.
AKREP  The Oriental Rug Society in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild   The Atlanta guild's site offers an up-to-date listing of events, and also fiber art resources. 
The Textile Study Group of New York   This wide-ranging group is dedicated to promoting a wider appreciation of fiber art.  Included among the members are artists, teachers, students, collectors and conservators. 

Periodicals and On-Line Magazines

HALI   Information is provided for anyone wishing to order this luxurious bi-monthly magazine devoted to antique carpets and textile art.  Although expensive, this London publication is essential for every serious collector. It features articles on a variety of topics and includes exhibition, book and auction reviews. The website offers announcements of current textile and rug events.  

Ghereh   Information on subscribing to Taher Sabahi's Italian rug and textile publication. Like HALI, this bi-monthly magazine is filled with excellent color plates of rugs on the market and in current exhibitions. Each issue includes articles, reviews of exhibitions, books and auctions.

Arts of Asia  This Hong Kong publication covers a broad range of arts, and includes frequent articles on textiles. Subscription information is included, along with complete listings of articles in back issues.

Orientations   Information is provided on ordering this Hong Kong magazine covering art from East Asia, India and Southeast Asia. Included are painting, calligraphy, bronzes, ceramics, and other decorative arts and crafts. A few dealers' offerings appear  on the website.

Asian Art   Specialized articles and many exhibits are included in this on-line journal for the study and exhibition of Asian arts. Special exposure is given the products of Nepal and Tibet. A calendar of events and message board are included. Gallery selections from dealers are shown, and extensive links to more resources are provided. Edited by Ian Alsop.

   A Danish on-line rug magazine edited by Ivan Sønderholm. International auction news, links, and assorted articles collected from other internet sites. Photo galleries present images of rugs from all areas.

A British magazine that covers textiles in several different contexts:  as fine art, in interiors, in fashion, and even travel and shopping. 

On-Line Rug and Textile Book Dealers

The Rug Book Shop   Paul Kreiss  (Baltimore, MD).

Dennis Marquand Oriental Rug Books   (Los Angeles, CA). 
Oxiana Books   Edward Stott  (UK).

Paragon Books  Asian arts and Asian studies. (Chicago)

White Lotus Press  Southeast Asian titles (Bangkok)

HALI Rugs & Books   Ingemar Albertsson (Sweden)

ABE Books   Out-of-print books on all subjects.

Amazon Books   Out-of-print books on all subjects.

Add All   New and out-of-print books on all subjects.


  Paul Kreiss  


More Web Resources for Artists and Collectors

International Council of Museums   Museum news of events from around the world.    
Trocadero   Antiques, fine art and collectibles mall, with many specialties represented.
Internet Art Resources   Exhibition reviews and feature articles, plus links to on-line resources of various kinds: galleries, artists and museums.
Folk Artisans   Folk art, outsider art, antiques and Americana.
Artcyclopedia   Fine arts search engine, focused on painting--and almost entirely on museum holdings.
UniSquare   An art marketplace where artists can sell their works online. 
Collectics Antiques and Collectibles   Link directory, on-line mall, and consignment shop.  Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts Design emphasis.
Great Collectible   A collectibles and antiques directory.

Auctioneers and Appraisers

Bonhams   San Francisco and Los Angeles. Auction information and appraisal services.
Grogan & Company   Dedham, MA.  Auction information and appraisal services.
Skinner   Boston.  Auction information and appraisal services.
Sotheby's   New York and London. Auction houses, on-line auctions, schedules, information on appraisals and auction estimates.
Christie's   World-wide sales rooms. Auction information, calendar and appraisal services.
Nagel   A Stuttgart auction house with an on-line art sales price database. The text is in German, with prices quoted in marks. Lots of rugs are illustrated.
Phillips de Pury & Luxembourg   London. Auction information. Regular textile sales.  Free walk-in appraisals once a week. 
Rippon Boswell, Germany   A Wiesbaden auction house that deals exclusively in antique carpets and textiles. 
Augusta Auctions    Fashion and specialty textile auctions. 


Antique Rug and Textile Dealers

Alberto Levi   Milan. A selection of village and tribal rugs and trappings. Also several on-line thematic exhibitions of special textiles. 
Cyberrug Center   Allan Arthur, Florida. A large catalog with diverse offerings.  Included is information on Chinese Art Deco production by the Nichols Company.
Herat   Edward Koch, Miami. A catalog of antique tribal rugs, with a Baluch emphasis.
Maroc Tribal   Jo Coombs and Mohammed Rachidi's site with both contemporary and older Moroccan tribal rugs. Cadiz, Spain. 
Nomad Rugs   Christopher Wahlgreen, San Francisco. On-line catalog of tribal, village and cottage-industry rugs.
Nomadenschätze    Arlette Bollag, Zurich.  Nomadic treasures: antique kilims, tribal rugs and textiles from Anatolia, Iran and Central Asia.
The Tribal Eye    New York.  Peter Davies' website with a wide variety of collectible kilims, primarily Turkish. 
Tschebull Antique Carpets   Mike and Inge Tschebull, Darien, CT.  Primarily Persian carpets, along with articles on Kazak and North Persian carpets.

History, Culture, Travel and More Textiles

Al Mashriq: The Levant   Cultural riches from the countries of the eastern Mediterranean--Lebanon in particular, but also Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Turkey.


The Transoxiana Pages  Central Asian history, languages, literature and culture:  the five ex-Soviet Central Asian republics and China's Xinjiang province.

Turkic Republics and Communities   Extensive links to sites in the Turkic world concerned with education, culture and business.

Internet Guide for China Studies   Maintained by the Institute of Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University, this is an edited library of links to academic material on all aspects of Chinese society, history, arts, philosophy and religion.
Traditional Costume of Asia and Eastern Europe   Siriol Richard's selective and useful bibliography focuses on the clothing traditions of China's minority peoples, Tibetan and Taiwanese aboriginal groups, and tribal India, as well as Eastern European traditions.
Tribal Textiles   Pamela Cross' album pages with photos from her travels through southeast Asia seeking ethnic minorities and their traditional textiles in southwest China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.  Useful bibliographies are included, as well as a forum devoted to the textiles of southeast Asia: Tribal Textiles. Info Forum.  
The China Experience: China Culture Index   Innumerable articles from Travel China Weekly devoted to the folk customs, cuisine, festivals, arts and crafts of China.

Mything Links   Kathleen Jenks' exhaustive collection of links to mythologies, fairy tales and folklore, sacred arts and traditions. Included are helpful assessments of the material. 

Silk Road Foundation   Articles on the history, archaeology, politics, art and culture of Inner Asia along the Silk Road. The focus is on Xinjiang and Dunhuang studies.

India Crafts   Essays with information on the full range of textile traditions of India--historic and modern.

Wangden Meditation Weaving   Rupert Smith reports on his efforts to track down the makers of the heavy warp-faced knotted-pile Tibetan weavings called "Wangden Drumse." 

Friends of Morocco   Links to web sites of all sorts--cultural, governmental and commercial. A "Souks" section is also included, with travel, cuisine, music, film and textiles links. 

Islamic Arts and Architecture   Essays on arts, architecture, coins and calligraphy, some illustrated.  Historical outlines also. 

Al-Ahram Weekly On Line   Cairo weekly newspaper with news in all fields--international as well as Egyptian.

Arab News   Saudi on-line daily English language newspaper.  

al-bab   This site aims to introduce non-Arabs to Arab culture, to seek out points of interaction with other cultures, and to celebrate Arab achievements. The site consists primarily of links to other pages on the Internet.

Asalah Magazine   Devoted to the culture and traditions of the Palestinian people. Issue 2, on Palestinian Embroidery, offers a survey of traditional dress styles and patterns from Ramallah, Hebron, Gaza and the Southern Plains.

Arm Site   Devoted to Armenian culture, this site includes an essay on the history of Armenian rug making and also a large selection of medieval manuscript paintings.
Egyptian Village Tapestries: The Wissa Wassef Experiment   The story of an experiment in creativity involving young children in a small Egyptian settlement. Now many weavers--young and old--produce sensitive, naive folk-art tapestries.

Osmanli Web Sitesi   A site devoted to the history of the Ottoman Empire, with detailed information on the reign of each sultan. Illustrations include portraits of the sultans, paintings of military events, maps, miniatures and photos of the Topkapi and Dolmabahçe palaces and treasures. 

Turkish Culture   A website that samples all aspects of Turkish life:  architecture, literature, music, fine and applied arts, as well as life style. 

Çatalhöyluk Reseaarch Project   Reports on the excavations of this fascinating archaeological site in central Turkey.  Hodder.

Dye History from 2600 BC to the 20th Century   An outline of dye developments, by Susan Druding.
Heaven's Embroidered Cloths: One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles   Selections from an exhibit at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. One of many diverse offerings in the "Exhibitions" section of the Asian Art on-line magazine.
Pre-Columbian Archaeology Related Links   A long list of archaeology resources. 

Descendants of the Incas   Photos show weavers and their families in the community of Chinchero, Peru. Information is provided on the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco and its efforts to preserve local weaving traditions.

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets  Carol Bier analyzes rug  design symmetry in a collaborative project of Washington's Textile Museum and the Math Forum at Swathmore College. 

Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs  Gerard Paquin discusses the design vocabularies shared by silk luxury fabrics, architectural conventions and knotted-pile carpets.

Through Josephine's Eyes:  Tribal Life in Anatolia   A  photo essay describes ethnographer Josephine Powell's documentary work among village and nomadic people in Turkey. Included is information on the new Center for Anatolian Ethnography and Textile Studies in Istanbul which will house her textile collections, library, archive of field research notes and 30,000 photos. 

Folkwear   The patterns so beloved by ethnic costume enthusiasts are now indexed on line so that you can easily order them. Make pants, skirt, tunic, or jacket to wear with an old ethnographic textile item, or create a costume that incorporates lovely embroidered or brocaded fragments. Costumes from all parts of the world are represented.

Southern Quilting: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Shared Tradition   The merging of African and European textile traditions in the quilts made by American Southerners.

Tansu   Gene Riggin's site, offering hand-made kimono racks.
Maithil Paintings: An Exhibition   Folk art paintings from the Women's Development Center in Janakpur, Nepal. This is one of several diverse exhibitions provided by Asian Art's on-line magazine. 

Cultural Survival  This site describes projects that work to insure the survival of traditional, indigenous cultures and their art forms. Among those included are weaving projects in Pakistan, Peru and Tibet. 



Egyptology Resources   Nigel Strudwick's guide to a wide variety of Egyptology resources, academic and otherwise.

Philosophy of History   Detailed historical outlines compiled by Kelly Ross, along with essays on a variety of philosophical topics.

Travel Tales   India, Nepal and Southeast Asia through a Western backpacker's eyes--those of Mark Moxon. No photos, no textiles, just irreverent notes on daily encounters and the clash of cultures.

Included among the photos above:  Weavers working on loom harnesses at Ibri, Oman (Tor Eigeland);  Painting of gentleman with book by Aqa Mirak, Tabriz, 1530 (Jeffrey Crespi);  Illustration from the Arabic translation of the 1st century B.C. Greek physician Dioscorides' work on Medicinal plants, 1228 (Ergun Cagatay);  Rug merchants in Cairo, photographed by Bonfils in the late 19th century;  Egyptian shadow puppets from the El Warsha troup (John Feeney);  Carved wooden door at Kastamonu, Turkey, (Ersin Alok);  Khiva officials, Uzbekistan;  Chinese embroiderer wearing the silk costume of of an empress made for the opera in Xian (Nik Wheeler);  Silver power flask from Morocco (Francesco Venturi);  Illuminated Koran with Kufic script (Ergun Cagatay);  Granite sculpture of the falcon-headed god Horus at Edfu, Egypt  (John Feeney).  All courtesy of  Aramco World

Among other photos:  a warp-weighted loom with Greek women weaving from an Attic black-figured vase, circa 550 BC, attributed to the Amasis Painter (Metropolitan Museum of Art); "Louis XIV at the Académie de Sciences," 1666, Testelin;  below that, a pattern for bobbin-made braids from Le Pompe, Venice, 1559;  

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