A Few Articles

              by Marla Mallett


Criteria For Selecting Tribal Textiles

What qualities make a tribal rug or textile a "collector's piece"?  When is restoration appropriate?  What should beginning collectors avoid?  Marla discusses her criteria.

Egyptian Village Tapestries:
An Experiment in Creativity

How one man's inspired work with young village children resulted in a delightful new folk art form.  

Tracking the Archetype:
Technique-Generated Designs and Their Mutant Offspring
How some of the most familiar knotted-pile rug designs originated in the nomadic flat-weave techniques, then how they evolved.

A Weaver's View of the Çatal Hüyük Controversy
An in-depth examination of the drawings presented by James Mellaart in an effort to establish Anatolian kilim designs as stone-age in origin. Was this a grand hoax?

The Goddess from Anatolia:
An Updated View of the Çatal Hüyük Controversy

A summary of the events and debates surrounding controversial "reconstructed" wall paintings said to be from an important Neolithic archaeological site in central Anatolia.

The Terminology Tangle:
Another View

An article written at the height of the rug-world debate over "technical" vs. "structural" rug language. The absurd results of a rigid approach. 



Woven Structures:
A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis

Information on Marla's book devoted to weaving techniques. How to order a copy.

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