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If you would like to know more about any textiles on this website, or if you are considering a purchase, please send an e-mail to Marla, telling her where you are and what pieces interest you:


Or, if you would rather, you may call Marla:

         Phone: 404-872-3356  

We can discuss sending textiles "on approval," discuss payment methods, and estimate shipping and insurance costs. 

For orders within the US, we can accept personal checks, bank checks, or money orders made payable to "Marla Mallett." We cannot process credit cards. 

Orders from outside the US can be paid with international postal money orders, checks in US dollars written on a US bank, or Western Union transfers.  Bank wire transfers are also possible and PayPal may be used for orders under $1000. Contact Marla for details at We can give you a quote on shipping and insurance costs, once we have received your mailing address.

Payments should be sent to:   Marla Mallett
                                                 1690 Johnson Road NE
                                                 Atlanta, Georgia 30306

Prices for textiles on the site have been set as low as possible, and are firm.  For notes explaining our price structure, see Frequently Asked Questions.  

Textiles are usually sent out the day (weekday) that a check is received for the full purchase price plus shipping and insurance costs.  No sale within the US is final, however, unless you are completely satisfied. If you wish to return a textile you have ordered, you will only be responsible for the shipping and insurance costs.  Returns from outside the US can be difficult to process through Customs and can be expensive, so if you are not in the US you need to be very certain that you will be happy with your textile choice.  

To order the book, Woven Structures, go to the book page, and click on the "How to Order" link at the end. An order form will pop up.  

For textile shipments we use the United States Post Office's Priority Mail whenever possible, as we have found that service both excellent and the least expensive. Delivery normally requires two to three business days within the US.  For overseas shipments, we use the US Post Office's Priority Mail or Global Express Mail. All shipments are insured. Book orders are sent to US addresses using the USPS Media Mail Rate, unless faster delivery is required.  


It is wise to check with Marla to be sure that the textiles you are considering are still available. Although this site is updated almost daily, and sold pieces removed, the pages you are viewing may not reflect the changes. Old website pages sometimes remain in Search Engine caches for weeks. They may also be retained in your computer's memory. To be sure that you are looking at up-to-date material when you open an inventory page, click Refresh while holding down your Shift key. 

A HOLD on any textile usually indicates that a purchase transaction is underway.  There is always a chance, however, that such a piece might become available, so let Marla know if you are interested. We are normally willing to hold a piece for one week while awaiting a check...a little longer for a payment from overseas.  We usually do not remove a textile from the site until it has been received by the purchaser and we are certain that it is sold. 

If by chance you do not get a prompt reply to your e-mail inquiry, please give Marla a call. Occasionally there are problems with e-mail reliability, and your message just might not have gotten through.    

If you would like to know more about Marla's background and the textile business, check out Marla's Bio.  

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