Hand-woven Egyptian Tapestries

      From the collection of Marla Mallett

Some of the world's best tapestries are the spirited and fanciful pieces currently being woven in several small farming villages of Egypt.  A flourishing folk art form, this tapestry art began with one man's dedicated work years ago with groups of young children in a settlement called Harrania.  From there, the tapestry crafts spread. Woven both in weavers' homes and in small studios, the pieces vary widely in style -- from primitive to sophisticated.

The tapestries range from miniatures to mural size and are produced by both men and women as well as young developing artists. Tapestry prices vary greatly, depending upon overall size and complexity, artistic merit, and the weaver's experience and reputation. All pieces have been individually selected by Marla on her many trips to Egypt; many have been purchased directly from village weavers in their homes.

To read about the development of this folk art tapestry tradition and see more studio photos, go to our Wissa Wassef page. 

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Egyptian Wool Tapestries

Miniature Cotton Tapestries

Tiny, intricate tapestries of fine cotton have been woven in recent years in the studios of Harrania.  These fresh and lively works are unique and truly astonishing.

Ancient Coptic Textiles
Tapestry fragments from Late Roman/ Early Byzantine times in Egypt are among the world's oldest surviving textiles. 

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